To become a global leader in the field of intelligent driving

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The world's first mass-produced 8M front-view sens

It can see farther, clearer, wider and safer

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Focus on automobile safety and care for human life

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Enable advanced autonomous driving to add value to customers

Environment awareness

including monocular, multi-ocular and circumferential camera modules; Visual data acquisition input applied to machine vision to achieve advanced driving assistance

Image perception

including electronic side blind area monitoring camera module, electronic streaming media rear view camera module, etc. It is applied to side blind area monitoring, rearview streaming media recognition, etc

External imaging

including panoramic AVM, astern view, driving record camera module; It is applied to panoramic display, automatic parking, reverse display, driving record, etc

In-cabin monitoring

including driver monitoring, passenger monitoring camera module; Applied to driver fatigue alarm, ID recognition, eye tracking, etc.; Passenger, residue monitoring, video calling, etc

Market highlights

Environmental Sensing Cameras

Vehicle headlight ghost suppression

High temperature or low temperature, image remains clear

Shock absorbent structure, avoid loosening

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  • Exterior Viewing camera

    Wide dynamic range, good performance in light and dark brightness

    High output frame rate, low image latency

    Low power consumption, low heat

    High temperature or low temperature, the image remains clear

    Self heating, demisting, anti condensatior

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  • Sensing/Viewing Cameras

    High Ingress Protection Rating(IP69K)

    High optical center accuracy, small stitching deviation

    Anti-condensation, rapid defogging

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In-Cabin Monitoring Cameras

Exquisite appearance, small size

Brightness compensation, uniform image quality

Ink penetration, anti-environmental interference

Eye safety, eliminate Red-Glow

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Eco Cooperation is committed to becoming the global core in-vehicle camera module supplier

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